• No one is allowed on the ranch during legal hunting hours the day prior to the hunt. This includes you!
  • Everyone must be off the ranch by 2PM the last day of the hunt.
  • Be considerate of other hunters. (And they will be considerate to you.)
  • Leave all gates as you find them.
  • No driving between daylight and 10:00 AM or between 3:00 PM and dark because it spooks the deer and disturbs other hunters.
  • No guns or crossbows allowed on this ranch. No spotlighting allowed. No ATV’s or 4 wheelers allowed.
  • Please do not cut or break limbs from the trees the stands are in.
  • Please do not throw cans, bottles, plastic bags, trash, etc. in the pasture.
  • No trespassing for any reason. Do not get outside the fenced boundaries of your hunting area.
  • Do not get within 100 yards of a big black feeder.
  • Please leave the cabin a little cleaner than you found it. Take all food and garbage back with you.
  • Make a super effort to find all wounded game.
  • Do not bury or leave guts, carcasses, hide or head around camp.
  • Be careful with fire. No open fires. Use the fire pit. Put ashes in the ash can.