Bowhunting Only Johnson Ranch

$320.00 for a 2 1/2 day weekend hunt in Mason County, the top deer producing county in the state. Hunt from stands located in big oak trees on this 1100 acre ranch. Includes use of the cabins with kitchen, gas grill, bunk beds and toilet. Partys of 10 or 12 have a cabin and a pasture to themselves. Excellent bowhunting in October, November and December. Hunt Deer, Turkey and Hogs. No trophy fees.

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Your group will have a cabin and a pasture to yourself. We are located in the heart of the hill country, very close to where the three top producing counties in the state come together.

You will need to bring a sleeping bag, food and hunting gear. I also recommed you to bring corn, a safety strap, a cooler with ice to put your deer in and good light to blood-trail with at night (a Coleman lantern is probably best). The most productive way to take game in this area is from stands in big oak trees. Recommend you draw for stands. Excessive walking will spook the game and disturb other hunters. This is not walk and stalk hunting.

Please plan to arrive between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM on the night prior to the hunt and be out of the ranch by 2 PM the last day of the hunt. I recommend your group convoy to the ranch so no one gets lost. Your group honcho will have the key and he will unlock and lock the gate.

Send payment to John Johnson - P.O. Box 377 - Kingsland, Texas 78639

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  • No one is allowed on the ranch during legal hunting hours the day prior to the hunt. This includes you!
  • Everyone must be off the ranch by 2PM the last day of the hunt.
  • Be considerate of other hunters. (And they will be considerate to you.)
  • Leave all gates as you find them.
  • No driving between daylight and 10:00 AM or between 3:00 PM and dark because it spooks the deer and disturbs other hunters.
  • No guns or crossbows allowed on this ranch. No spotlighting allowed. No ATV’s or 4 wheelers allowed.
  • Please do not cut or break limbs from the trees the stands are in.
  • Please do not throw cans, bottles, plastic bags, trash, etc. in the pasture.
  • No trespassing for any reason. Do not get outside the fenced boundaries of your hunting area.
  • Do not get within 100 yards of a big black feeder.
  • Please leave the cabin a little cleaner than you found it. Take all food and garbage back with you.
  • Make a super effort to find all wounded game.
  • Do not bury or leave guts, carcasses, hide or head around camp.
  • Be careful with fire. No open fires. Use the fire pit. Put ashes in the ash can.


John Johnson

P.O. Box 377 Kingsland, Texas 78639


325 423 4025